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The Trade Room

Online Pro Trader Course

Online Pro Trader Course

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Unlock the secrets of successful trading in commodities, Forex and indices markets with our Online Pro Trader Course. Expand your knowledge with essential modules and become fluent in the language of trading. By the end of the course, confidently navigate charts and see the positive impact of discipline on your results.
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What is the Pro Trader Course all about?

The Pro Traders Course is our elite course to get you going if you are really looking to take a professional outlook on your trading.

In the Pro Trader course, there is a lot more in-depth information on each topic and the time spent on each subject is greater.

This course is designed and made for the person who feels that this may be their next career path or to start really generating an extra income stream. In this course you will also learn The Trade Room’s Secrets and become a part of the trading family for a long time! 

We are focused on seeing you succeed

At The Trade Room we pride ourselves immensely on the success of our clients. If you are not successful as our  client, what satisfaction do we truly get out of it? We are on a mission to change lives and creating financial freedom. Our vision is to guide you all along your trading journey and to watch you from the first step growing into an immensely successful trader. We also love our community and we want to create a trading environment for you where you are highly comfortable as well as confident in your trading.

Duration of the course

You take the course on your own pace. All our course material is online.

Modules of the Pro Trader Course

  • Introduction
Module 1
  • Types of Traders
  • Types of Markets
  • Trading Terminology
  • Module 1 Quiz
Module 2
  • TradingView Walkthrough
  • Creating a TradingView Account
  • Navigating TradingView
  • Setting up TradingView
Module 3
  • Price Action
  • Price Action Quiz
Module 4
  • Trend Identification & Market Structure
  • Trends
  • Market Structure
  • The 2 Rules
  • Multi-Timeframe Market Structure
  • Forming a Trend Bias
  • Market Structure Quiz
Module 5
  • Support and Resistance
  • How to Draw Trendlines
  • Trendlines Explained
  • Levels Quiz
Module 6
  • Fibonacci Tool
  • Fibonacci Quiz
Module 7
  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Candlestick Quiz
Module 8
  • Chart Patterns
  • Chart Patterns Quiz
Module 9
  • What Is Smart Money Concepts?
  • Order Blocks
  • Order Flow
  • SMC Quiz
Module 10
  • Money Management
  • Position Sizing
  • Trade Management
  • Trade Plan
  • Management Quiz
Module 11
  • Psychology Intro
  • Basics Of Trading Psychology
  • PDF
  • Managing Emotions
  • Fear
  • FOMO
  • Trading Mistakes to Avoid
  • Overcoming Greed
  • Consistent Trading
  • Trading Myths
  • Bonus: How to Get Into the Mindset of a Professional Trader
Module 12
  • Technical Analysis Steps
  • Putting it all Together
  • Trade Examples
  • UK100 Short
  • Gold Buy
  • US30 Buy
  • Course Exam