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How much money do I need to start trading?

You can start with a minimum of $200 and with the correct strategies and risk management you can gradually grow your account. Trading is a long term investment.

What broker should I use?

Click on the following link to open a trading account with our trusted broker, Axi.

What percentage do I risk on trades?

Between 1% and 3%. You cannot win every trade so if you lose it shouldn’t even bother you. Your wins out number your losses.

Can I really trade from anywhere in the world?

Yes, all you need is a cellphone or laptop and internet connection.

When do you trade?

We trade around the clock on various market index’s but there will be a higher amount of trades between 8 am – 9 am UK time.

What am I trading?

Index funds – markets that regularly go out of line and it is these market inefficiencies where we have our edge.

What is the length of the trades?

Our average is 30 minutes but we are regularly out of the market in less than 15 minutes. All trades are completed the same day – none are held overnight.

I've never traded before. Can I do this?

Yes, we welcome beginners and experienced traders alike.

What position size are the strategies based on?

Position size will be based on your account size - our strategies independent of position size. We generally risk 1% on a trade.

Do you trade everyday?

No, we don’t. If the market is not offering us anything good then we don’t trade. During so some weeks, no trades will be placed. In turn, there will be some weeks when we are actively trading.